Why This Approach?

Hi, I’m Grahame Pitts and I’ve been involved in coaching, leadership training and business development for nearly four decades – see more on www.grahamepitts.co.uk.

I’ve worked with a wide variety people in different environments, have made many friends and developed a wide network of contacts. They want to share their experience with you and provide a helping hand.

I have strong values and believe in the power of key moments in life. Times when you set off on a particular journey, or try a new path. In my own twenties, I tried out teaching, outdoor pursuits, my own furniture making business and a management role in a large corporate. I experienced success, failure and periods of unemployment. 

In my current business I coach people through their own career changes. I have helped many find success and others rebuild after they had failed, or had a setback.

Our 20s are a critical time to experiment, to try new things, to consider different options. So I and many others, want to help you with your next step. We want to support you as you make new choices. Unite to Ignite is set up for you to meet people who have been on different, interesting journeys. They will come to our conversations with a wide range of resources, ideas and guidance for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this initiative now?

It is as tough time for everyone but much more so for young people. You may have been furloughed and then made redundant due to covid. Or, perhaps not able to get started on your career with the economy in such bad shape. Many of the standard routes and approaches may have changed. The Unite to Ignite community is all about getting help, support, resources from each other and from experts and leaders, to help you find your own individual way ahead.

Why this age group?

The 20’s is a time off exploration and testing ideas. A time when there may be less commitment to other things and an opportunity in your work to try new avenues and approaches with energy. I remember my own twenties, when I changed tack several times, had some set backs (and some unemployment) but that exploration provided the backbone for all my later work. I and the guests coming along, want to help you get motoring …. we’ll do all we can to back your ideas, drive and initiative. 

Why come to regular sessions?

This is a journey. Finding a new direction or the next step can take time. Coming to the sessions whenever you can keeps your attention on the road ahead and offers you regular encouragement and challenge. Of course you can’t always get there every week (meetings, interviews will appear) but the intention to signals determination and commitment to your journey and to the questions you may need to look at.

Can’t I just come to the sessions which interest me or are in my specialist area?

Of course you can, but you might miss out on the learning which comes when you stretch into touching something new. A breakthrough can sometimes come from the least expected angle…. perhaps a session you least expected to learn anything in…. and bingo a lightbulb moment happens.

Why a Unite to Ignite Community?

This process is a journey and having friends with you helps. During our time together you may well see in someone else something that helps you. This is reflected learning is a great way to accelerate yourself. We see others in a similar but different positions and it helps us shift our own perspective.

Can I really ask any question?

Yes you can. Learning comes from lots of directions and speeds up rapidly as you pose questions. So ask away. And… all questions are good questions! I have seen things change  for people and businesses as a result of a tiny question.

Is it all in the group or can I get some individual mentoring?

Currently it is a group approach, there is no organised individual mentoring. However, many of the guests in the bank of resources have offered some one to one time. So, it may be possible to set this up. Please ask. 

It’s free, what’s the catch?

There is no catch.This initiative was sent up to help young people find direction after covid and many people want to help you do just that. The guests are all giving time and expertise for free. They want to share their knowledge and experience with you. We just ask for your commitment to give it a go. Oh and being really, really honest…… if Unite to Ignite gains momentum ….. we may ask you to come back later as a guest to inspire others…. but that’s in the future!

How long will it run for?

Initially a year, but it depends on the economy, how everyone in the community is doing and how the whole thing evolves.

Will it always be online?

Certainly for now, unless we all get zoomed out! Later maybe we can find ways to run some face to face sessions, but we’ll have to see. Also, this way allows us to step over physical geography. You don’t have to be in based this part of the UK, or even in the UK at all. Which makes for a much more diverse and interesting approach hey!

Are the guests secretly talent hunting?

No, they are here to help, not to recruit people. They are essentially sharing their life stories to give you insight and a leg up on your journey. They’ve been through some of this stuff you’re going through so they may be able to help a little. So, throw those questions and ideas out there towards them. They will respond, sometimes strongly, but always with care. And in those discussions comes more resilience and strength for you as you test out your ideas.

How long can I stay?

As long as you need to. Certainly until you have a job, or if you are setting up a business until this has rhythm, consistency and income coming in.

Is the structure of  the sessions  set?

Absolutely not. We will adapt as we go. So please keep saying what works and what doesn’t. Tell us if there are particular types of guests you’d like to meet.  We will though work on what is best for the majority within a one hour weekly slot. Currently the approach of guests sharing for 10 – 15minutes then open discussion seems to work well.

‘Giving you help in marshalling all you know, or can know – your passions, talents, skill sets and giving this direction’