How it Works

It’s easy, honestly! Just register to join the community to come along to the weekly Zoom meetings. They are Tuesday mornings 11.00 to 12.00 UK time.

In each session you’ll find me in conversation for 10 to 15 minutes with a top professional, with a success story to share, who wants to help you make your next step.

After they have shared some thoughts, you can ask any questions, or pitch in thoughts in response – either direct over video, via the chat box, or over email if you’d prefer your question to be anonymous.

The whole hour is designed to offer you new insights: maybe an idea to try out, perhaps a new challenge if you feel stuck and certainly inspiration for the week ahead.

Expect a variety of visitors with a wide range of ideas and stories to tell.

Ps Can’t make it to some sessions, or want to go back over something that was said? Don’t worry you can catch up later in your own time. We’ll have a video library of every week available to everyone in the community.

‘I encourage you to take risks. You might get it wrong, but that’s okay then you can get it wrong better next time’