Creative Possibilities – Sharing Hints & Tips

This is a page which I hope will grow and change as we find and share resources together. I see a page of quotes, ideas and suggestions. Literally building a bulletin board as we work together. So, if you come across something that has helped you and might help others, please do post this right here.


I write fables and to kick off the board I’d like to share a story I wrote when I was battered and bruised after a business failure a few years back. Writing things down in a different way helps me clear my head and see things differently. So, if you like stories, read on…

The Man in a Ball

The sun glistened down on the man. He’d travelled a long way, spent a lot of money. He remembered the effort and now just felt exhaustion. Not able to go any further, he just stopped, dropped to his knees, feeling the sadness and the impact of it all. Then he rolled up in a ball, not able to move, not looking, just wanting to hide away. Tired beyond tired

As he lay there the creatures came to help, one by one. They told their friends. More came. Quite a party developed.  A lot of noise, chatting, everyone talking, happy just to wait and see what happened. Occasionally one would move in closer, nudge the man, nuzzling an arm, a leg. One dared to nip at an ear.

It took quite a while. First a hand moved, still clutching the last twenty pound note. All that remained of what he’d invested all those months before. Then his eyes flickered open and looked around. Expecting to be alone he was shocked to see the animals. All neatly organised in a complete circle around him. Different shapes, sizes, all happy, relaxed and inquisitive looking at him now with rapt attention. One or two with heads to one side, seeming to ask him silent questions. Squinting up into the sun, he even spotted a pair of golden eagles gently soaring overhead.

He began to stretch and move. Slowly at first, then trusting himself more, uncoiling his body. The animals encouraged, cheered, paws thumping on the ground doing all they could to help. Gradually he got into a sitting position and looked around. It was a beautiful day, the views all around were magnificent, with a deep blue sky above. The animals, very happy now to see him awake began to chat excitedly. A few simply decided it was time for a snooze and settled down on the warm ground, looking at him occasionally through a half open eye .

He sat in the sun and gradually recovered, easing out his muscles. Then carefully got to his feet and began to move. He felt taller, broader. Things looked different. He sniffed the air, it was good and clean. Looking, the eagles had moved in the sky. It seemed right to follow them, so he did.

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